I got my website template from EM Shop by Elizabeth McCravy, and I'm obsessed. Elizabeth's Showit templates are strategic, easy to customize, and packed full of everything you need as a creative business owner.

Like my website? Me too!

Your website matters, and your experience creating and maintaining your website matters too. Elizabeth's Elle template helped me create a beautiful, functional website with ease. Thanks to Showit and EM Shop, you can have a strategic website up and making you money without getting a custom built website too!

Why I'm Obsessed with EM Shop & Showit...

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You get a TRAINING COURSE, The Showit Blueprint, to teach you exactly how to set everything up quickly & with ease. 


The designs aren't just pretty, they are marketing-minded, meaning there's strategy in EVERY design decision you see.


DESIGNED BY a Showit Design Partner, who was named one of the top 15 designers using Showit. Elizabeth was also awarded Showiteer of the Year in 2019.


4 Reasons to Get an EM Shop Template for Your Business:

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Meet some of the amazingly talented people who helped bring this website to life!

Stephanie Duke

Brand + Showit Web Designer

Stephanie is an amazing Brand and Showit Website Designer who created my brand identity and customized my EM Shop template in her VIP Design Day service!

Brand Design & Website Template Customization


Stephanie Duke

Jenn Blackburn




Casey Simmons



Casey Simmons Photography

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