I help women reconnect with their natural and unique inner strengths to move through the waves of life.

A little about me, then I can’t wait to get to know you!

Let’s slow down and get to know each other better!

I’m a life-long learner, singer, runner, lover of stories, and deeply relational.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and since 2018, I have worked as a therapist in primary care clinics, mental health organizations, private practice, and university settings. I continue to be inspired and in awe of human resilience and our capacity to heal from painful experiences. 

  • The disconnecting wounds of trauma,
  • Difficulties being in the helping profession,
  • Transition stressors: moving to new cities, adapting to college environments, post-graduate lifestyle shifts, career changes, 
  • Navigating women's health challenges,
  • Relationship shifts and challenges in friendship, family dynamics, co-worker collaboration, and 
  • The complexity of belonging and cultural identity as a child of immigrant parents.

I am personally and professionally familiar working through:
It is an honor to partner with women like you on this healing adventure. Your story and all its pieces matter. My aim is to embrace all the facets of you as we explore and find growth through the challenges you face. 

– Carl Jung

“You must love the thing you want to change.”

  • Heal from traumatic experiences,
  • Regulate anxiety and chronic stress, 
  • Cultivate compassion and patience during transition and grief,
  • Develop insight and adaptive responses to emotional and relational needs, 
  • Get curious about work-life balance,
  • Build trust in relationship with self and loved ones,
  • Personalize boundaries and reduce people-pleasing,
  • Grow in confidence by exploring practices that are fun, calming, creative, mindful, and life-giving.

I specialize in helping women:


I work with women who identify as college and graduate students, young adults, counselors, therapists, medical and working professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, mothers, and adult children of immigrant parents.

Who I work with

I seek to understand how your unique characteristics, culture, lived experiences, and surroundings shape your concerns, survival responses, and resilience. I see myself as a fellow traveler, guiding and supporting you on the journey towards healing and growth.


We are wounded in relationships, but we also heal in relationships. Connection and collaboration are central to my therapy approach. I show up authentically so you can feel a little more comfortable being real with yourself and me during your therapy process. My presence is warm, friendly, and compassionately curious. Together we will cultivate a therapeutic relationship that provides a secure space for you to openly explore, process, and navigate your past and current experiences. 

My Holistic Approach



Definition - Relating to the body. 
Scientific research tells us that memories, experiences, thoughts, and emotions are stored at a cellular level in our bodies, which is a fancy way of saying it's not "all in your head." This is why we can experience chronic pain, fatigue, or digestive problems after going through stressful situations. When the body holds the memory of distressing or traumatic events, it can get stuck in a fight, flight, or freeze response. Fortunately, we can learn to listen and respond to the signals of our body because it has wisdom on how to care for ourselves. 


Therapy is not a one size fits all process. To give you a compass on this healing journey, we will collaboratively clarify your goals so you don't feel lost along the way. Together, we will figure out what works well for you to create a therapy experience that uniquely cares for you. We also have the option, if you so choose, for my intentionality to stretch beyond my office walls, as I enjoy partnering with physicians, physical therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches, and recovery programs who are actively engaged in your support team.


Healing within the context of a caring relationship is what kick-started my own recovery from living with anxiety and hiding my true self behind performance, over-achieving, and people-pleasing. What I found and continue to embrace is freedom and authenticity through vulnerability and gentleness with my process. 

I am growing to love my complexity, uniqueness, and humanness - and I believe you can too. You have something to offer, not something to prove.

Caring for ourselves is hard and uncomfortable at times, but we are worth it. I recognize that my journey affects how I assist you with yours, that's why I am committed to my own inner work as I grow alongside you.

From my vantage point, your wounds don’t define you.

Melanie’s Journey

You have something to offer, not something to prove.

Florida, Tennessee, Maine, Georgia, Texas, Indiana


How many states have I lived in?

Dance Cardio Class, Thrifting or Antiquing for hidden treasures, Road Trips, Hiking, Movie Nights, and Live Sporting Events to name a few!

What sounds fun to me?

Dirty Chai with Almond Milk

Favorite fancy coffee drink?

  • Hanging out with supportive and nourishing circles of friends, mentors, faith community, and colleagues, 
  • Exploring rest without guilt,
  • Practicing movement to nurture and strengthen my body and mind rather than shame it, and
  • Investing in a therapist of my own!

How Do I Practice Self Care?

Fun Details About Melanie


formal details


  • Bachelor of Social Work - Union University, 2014
  • Master of Social Work - Union University, 2017
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tennessee License #7737

Specialized Training

  • EMDR Comprehensive Basic Training, led by EMDR Consulting, EMDRIA-approved
  • IN PROGRESS: Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner (SEP), Estimated completion - 2025

I offer a free 15-minute phone chat to see if we're a good fit. Reaching out for support takes guts. Let's start this transformative adventure together. Get in touch today.

A good fit between therapist and client is important for effective therapy.

let's work together

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