Individual counseling for women ages 18+, based in Memphis, serving Tennessee with in-person and telehealth appointments.

Holistic Therapy for Women

Reconnect with your whole self to heal and grow

Through a compassionate therapeutic relationship, I help women resolve past traumas, present challenges, and befriend a more connected life with authenticity.

Healing is nurtured in connection

Are you exhausted from white-knuckling through life, feeling burned out, and disconnected?

— Brene Brown

"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment….”

I am passionate about guiding women like you towards a more intentional and meaningful life by:

  • Calming the inner storms of past trauma showing up as pain and discomfort in the body, distrust in relationships, and self-doubt,
  • Journeying inward to untangle beliefs and thought patterns affecting emotional distress,
  • Exploring values and strengths that underlie your sense of self,
  • Nurturing gradual mindful awareness and lifestyle shifts, 
  • Discovering the resilience of the nervous system.

Therapy to support the interconnection between the mind, body, and soul

My perspective is that mental, emotional, and interpersonal challenges not only affect the mind but are held within the body. In addition to traditional talk therapy, we have the option to weave in practices to support your nervous system such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing™, and Walk and Talk therapy as we work together. Getting in touch with the mind-body connection in therapy paves the way to restoring a sense of safety and presence in your relationship with yourself, loved ones, and your environment.

I focus on caring for you as a whole person.

Holistic Therapy

I can help with

Anxiety & Over-Achieving


Relationship Difficulties

Trauma & Shame

Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt

Issues with Career & Vocation

Women’s Health Issues

Grief & Loss

Life Transitions

College Student Stress

Family-Related Challenges

Chronic Stress

Not sure where to start?

Visit Waiting Room Therapy Blog for regular posts that will meet you in the pauses of life. Join me in these writings to help meet yourself and loved ones in the waiting seasons with compassion.

Waiting Room Therapy


First of all, finding the courage to take this initial step and seek support is difficult and shows your resilience. I’m excited to walk alongside you.

When the difficulties of life overwhelm and disconnect us from ourselves and the important people in our life, it is a natural response to reach out for support. I believe an authentic relationship is vital to healing and rebuilding. So, you can expect me to show up as a human first with my therapeutic expertise woven into the safe connection we build together.  

With kindness, honesty, and a little humor, I am here to meet you wherever you are on your path. I care deeply about providing you with gentle guidance and a nurturing environment to slowly release some of the pressure you may be carrying. I look forward to guiding you in this inner work to experience yourself whole, rooted, and present in your life.

Lover of walks with friends, pilates, renovating old furniture, and chatting at local coffee shops.

Hey there, I’m Melanie — Your Holistic Therapist!

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

Let’s grow deeper together!

— Dolly Parton

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